How to make your cctv camera smart and effective

Closed Circuit Television (cctv) camera is used for monitoring your surroundings. These security cameras are also used for surveillance and maintaining a database of video recordings. IP camera are very cheap and can be mounted indoors and outdoors of a building. Today cctvs are so much widely used everywhere that every residence and commercial area have them.

Unfortunately, to this date cctv cameras are only used for two reasons.

  • Maintain a record of all videos inside a hard disk using a DVR or MVR.
  • Security staff watch recorded / live video on huge screens coming from hikvision cctv camera.

After making huge investments on security cameras and not being able to get any real value out of it is a huge setback.

What can the solution do?

E-Muhafiz make your cctv camera smart by

  • Use artificial intelligence to read vehicle registration plates from ip camera.
  • AI will be used to effectively read Pakistani CNIC using cctvs.
  • This means it can be wide used to improve efficiency and security in defferent solutions.

Key Technologies

  • E-Muhafiz is a software which runs on a high end server/computer.
  • It use hikvision cctv connected with the server to capture license plates in real time.
  • It is able to read car number plates in Lahore and Punjab.
  • Our solution works in all weather or temperature in lahore.
  • E-Muhafiz stores all vehicle entry/exits inside a centralized database.
  • Inbound/outbound traffic reports can be generated and exported.
  • Go papareless by digitising your security setup.

Typical Applications

Number plate reading using artificial intelligence is a valuable feature of E-Muhafiz which makes it perfect for

  • Shopping Mall, Hospital, Societies, Entrance & Exit Control.
  • Toll Plaza, Toll calculation based on vehicle checkins.
  • Government agencies, Verify vehicle from its registration plate using AI.
  • Car Parking, Automatically print a vehicle number on parking receipt.

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