E-Muhafiz is a software which use normal cctv cameras to automatically record number plate of any incoming car. E-Muhafiz is perfect for places where you have a gate/barrier with cctv cameras.

For Shopping Malls

When we visit places like Lahore Airport, Emporium, Packages Mall, Imtiaz etc one would notice that they issue a parking receipt with manually written number plate. E-Muhafiz is capable of issuing parking receipts alongwith number plate without any human involvement.

For Housing Societies

E-Muhafiz is a software designed according to the needs of a housing society. It keeps record of all incoming cars using cctv camera. No paper or manual writing is required at the entry points. If CNIC is a requirement for entry of a car we could also add this capability inside E-Muhafiz and then E-Muhafiz will be able to read and store CNIC data of a car driver.

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